Waiting For

The sun won’t set on me

on today

before I sleep

The sun won’t forbear to shine

on me

beneath the grave

there will come a darkness

I can’t shake

it will sting

and bear thorns

I will sleep until the earth

breathes in

to rest


New Year / Lull

speaking of the heartbreak

of old distance

of fascination

of dissatisfaction

I will leave and begin

to die is to go on


left loves


missing hours

I pray myself at rest

at rest

I will become

and uncoil

my fists

I am grieved at my anger

my old bitterness

old, old, old

let me be born

from my mother’s womb

let me be sung to sleep

again, again, again

without you

enter, without you

and the plagues

allow for all the empty spaces

to be filled

I will allow

myself to feel

and quiet

and keel